For Myanmar Customers

We export many cars and trucks to Myanmar. We decided to have our agent in Myanmar because of the active Myanmar Car Market.

You can contact our agent and buy cars directly from car auctions and our stock. You can buy not only vehicles but also machineries.

We don't stock a lot of cars because we sell cars directly from car auction now. It is because to be able to adjust changeable car market price.

Our Agent's Information
Pe Nyunt Linn
Building(214) Room(8), Yanshin Road, Block(3), Yankin Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Telephone Number
09-5159187/ 01-550718

Buying cars in Myanmar

Step 1email or call our agent

You contact my agent in Myanmar about the vehicle you want.

Step 2consult with our agent

Consult with our agent about your car or truck. Our agent tell you about custom duty and regulation and so on. You can look for your car or truck in the auction site with our agent.

Step 3start searching the vehicle

If you find the vehicle which matches your order, you can ask him.

Step 4bid to buy the vehicle

We bid to buy the vehicle in the auction.

Step 5payment

After we buy the vehicle, you pay the payment to our agent.

Step 6shipping

After we confirm your payment, we ship the vehicle.

Step 7clear the custom duty

If your car arrives at Yangon, our agent clears the custom duty. Now, it is your car.

Step 8happy

We both are very happy